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Hi, I'm Dan Calacci.

I'm a recent graduate of Northeastern University's College of Computer and Information Science, currently working as a research assistant at the MIT Media Lab.

I'm interested in building technological platforms that leverage what we know about social dynamics to help people live their lives better.

I'm currently working at the Human Dynamics Group at the MIT Media Lab, contributing to a mobile health study partnered with MGH and CATCH Health, working on a system for visualizing real-time social interactions, and analyzing human mobility patterns from high-density mobile phone data.

I've also worked with the Lazer Lab, investigating how congresspeople's public statements can be automatically analyzed to infer partisan dynamics and socio-political network structure.

I've worked as a CCIS Fellow, providing mentorship and career advice to younger students, and as a software developer at LEIDOS, a defense contractor, developing a management interface for an autonomous boat as part of the ACTUV contract.

news is where you can find out about news about me, like publications I'm working on or other stuff like that.

notebooks is where you'll find bits and pieces of data analysis and other projects, in the form of ipython notebooks.

my blog contains other thoughts and projects. If it's not suitable for an ipython notebook, I put it there.

politics is a tumblr I use mainly for following and posting politically motivated content.

You can see code I've written and projects I've contributed to on my github.

You can e-mail me at

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Resume here.

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