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Built With: Flask , Clojure , Overtone , Twitter API , and Jawbone UP API.

Submision for Hack MIT 2014, won "Best use of Jawbone UP API". Turn data you generate daily into an experience you can consume.


Music algorithmically generated from daily user data

October 2014

Built With: Leaflet.js , Angular.js , Flask , Parse , Foursquare API , and Google Geocoder API.

Submission for unhackathon 2014, runner-up for "Hack with Most Potential". Enables easy creation of travel itineraries, giving users recommendations near their destinations and along their route. Also enables "forking" of travel itineraries for easy sharing.

Open Itinerary

Simple, forkable travel itineraries.

September 2014

Built With: sigma.js , d3.js , and Flask.

A network visualization of Hubway. Each node is a hubway station, and there's an edge between two stations if there were more than 50 trips between them in the dataset. Colors represent communities detected by the Louvain community detection algorithm.

Hubway Visualization

An interactive visualization of Boston's Hubway bike sharing system.

August 2014

Built With: Django , jQuery , and Bootstrap.

I designed and co-developed the Lazer Lab's new Volunteer Science website. Volunteer Science is an online experimental platform that makes it easy for researchers to design experiments, run them, and collect data. Volunteer now!

Volunteer Science

Allowing people from all over the world to contribute to scientific discovery.

May 2014

Built With: Flask

Congresspeople say funny things sometimes. Those things are even funnier out of context and mixed with a bunch of nonsensical probabilistic phrases.

Talk Like A Congressperson

N-gram language models trained on congressional speech data.

April 2014

Built With: Angular.js , Flask , MongoDB , Google Geocoder API , and Google Places API.

Most Innovative at Hack Beanpot 2014. Adventur uses an n-gram based geotrace model to predict your future movements and quantify how predictable you are. It then uses this information to help you become more adventurous by recommending new places to visit that will optimize your "adventurousness" score.


Using an n-gram geotrace model to tell you how boring you are.

March 2014

Built With: Android , and key-value store.

My final project for NEU's CS4520, Mobile Application Development. Most of the effort spent on this app was design work - paper prototyping, mockups, and braingstorming. We created a custom manipulative pie chart interface that lets users simply and easily track the food groups they eat over time.

Plate Chart

A way to quickly and easily log meals.

December 2012

About Me

I'm interested in building technological platforms that leverage what we know about social dynamics to help people live their lives better.

I'm currently working at the Human Dynamics Group at the MIT Media Lab, creating systems that attempt to measure and impact human social and health behaviors.

I've also worked with the Lazer Lab, inferring partisan dynamics from congressional public statements.

You can e-mail me at dan@dcalacci.net

Send me encrypted messages using my PGP key. (via keybase)

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